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The original Beetle is a bonus car which can be unlocked by finding all the wrecks in Ibiza area 1. Despite being a true classic in the eyes of all car lovers, it suffers from being Impractical for any actual use in Test Drive Unlimited 2. While it is better than the Citroen 2CV, it is still unwise to use this car in serious races due to being outclassed by almost every other car

Looking past these points however, the Beetle is still a true classic that's simply fun to just drive around in the game. There have been reports of several users gathering in groups with beetles and simply cruising in-game, and even having them racing against A1 cars simply for fun.

Class: C4

Acceleration: 5

Speed: 11

Braking: 18

Difficulty: Very Easy

Top Speed: 75 Mph / 121 Kph

BHP: 34

Transmission: 4-Gear Mechanical

Can be painted, can have Stickers applied, and is Tuneable. But since it’s a bonus car, it can’t be sold.