Tdu2 screenshot 10272010 06

The story of TDU starts out in a pool party in Ibiza, Sant Vincent. With a DJ playing some music while every one is dancing. then it slows down and that's when you select your character. once you have selected it every thing speeds back up. Then a female from the house calls you over. When you get to her she tells you Happy Birthday and that she has a gift for you in the garage. You both go to the garage and she has got you a new Ferrari California. Then you take the car on a drive. When you are driving for a bit you start to hear some knocking and some one telling you to wake up. That's when you find out it was all just a dream and you are actually a valet. The girl is in your dream was actually the owner of the car and the daughter of the hotel owner. she then complains to you when her dad calls. She answers the phone and tells on you, after which the character is fired by her father. But when she is about to leave she tells you that if you can drive her to the club fast enough she will put you on the Solar Crown. You drive her to the place and run inside with her. That's when you find out she is the host and a racer in the show.Usually the main rival