The room containing the Slot Machines can be found just to the right of the lobby, close to the Fashion Retailer. Here you can play several different kinds of Slot Machines to win both Money and items for your TDU2 Avatar

The different types of Slot Machine are as follows:

  • Classic

A Retro style Slot Machine that everyone knows and loves. It costs 2 chips a spin, making it the cheapest machine to play on, but also offers the lowest payout from the "Generic" slot machines, though has a variable Jackpot. You can play on all 3 lines by using the activate lines command whilst playing the machine.

  • Video Poker

Something different, an electronic poker machine. The goal is to make a winning hand by spinning once and "holding" the cards you wish to keep. You can then exchange any number of cards you want in order to make a better hand by spinning the slots once more. If you get a winning hand, you win some Chips. It costs 5 Chips a spin with no additional lines needed, making it cheaper than playing all 3 lines on Classic, and has a nice jackpot of 200,000 Chips ($400,000), yet the other payouts are fairly low but very common, meaning you're unlikely to lose much money on this Machine.

  • Beach

Beach is unique in that it's the only Slot Machine that allows you to hold the reels after one spin, then spin again, in a similar manner to Video Poker. You can opt to play just the middle reel, or you can also play diagonally down and up for increased winning odds. Beach offers somewhat better payouts for general matches in comparison to Classic and Video Poker, yet only has a Jackpot of 75,000 Credits ($150,000). It costs 15 Credits per reel as well, meaning that you'll have to hit good payouts a lot to ensure a good return.

  • High Life

It's a 5 reel slot machine with up to 9 winning rows, making wins often unexpected and confusing. The payouts on this machine are the highest of all the slot machines, with a 1,000,000 Chip ($2,000,000) Jackpot. Unfortunately, unless you're using all 9 reels the odds of hitting said Jackpot are very slim. The odds of hitting almost any major payout are also very low, but since its only 10 Chips per row, small wins are very common, and when you do hit a good payout, you net a good return.

  • Fashion

Another different machine, this one requires you to create a fashion outfit by spinning the reels and lining up each part of an outfit in order to win. The payout rate is fairly low, and it does cost 10 Chips a spin, but you can win exclusive clothing for your Avatar by matching up the 3000 Chip ($6,000) Jackpot reels.

  • Test Drive

It may look expensive at $100 a spin, and the payouts may look poor, but this is the Machine you'll want to hit the Jackpot on. Not only do you win 50,000 Chips ($100,000), but you also win the exclusive Audi as seen in the Showroom! After winning the car, it is not worth playing this Machine, as you'll lose a lot more than you'll win.