• Stress on the brakes will cause brake glow.
  • Oahu from TDU1 can be unlocked upon reaching level 10 in-game.
  • Car clubs can have logos.
  • Car clubs and houses can receive a star rating, based on the quality of the club/house.
  • Your in-game character can use an airport to commute between Oahu and Ibiza.
  • New routes including off-road have been added to Oahu.
  • There is a day and night cycle of 2.30 hrs.
  • There is a dynamic weather system.
  • Cars can be fully customised, inside and out.
  • Car can gain cosmetic damage.
  • Fast travel is possible.
  • Passengers can ride with you at any time.
  • There are off-road treasure hunts, where finding ten old wrecked cars unlocks a new car in the used car dealer, where it can be collected and added to your garage.
  • Races are either in the form of single-player championships, or online (instead of individual races).

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