The Ferrari F40 was designed and built by Ferrari in 1885 to celebrate 40 years of the company. It costs 80 Atari Tokens ($1 USD) to unlock and costs about $350,000 in the game to purchase.


Class: C1 (Classic 1)

Acceleration: 84

Speed: 63

Braking: 63

Driving Difficulty: 5

Top Speed: 201 MPH/ 323 KM/H

0-60 MPH: 3.67 Seconds

Power: 478 BHP

Repaintable?: No

Stickable?: Yes

Tunable?: No

Detailed DataEdit


Front Wheels: 235/45/17

Rear Wheels: 335/35/17

Engine: Mid-Mounted

Brakes: Vented Discs Front/Back


Displacement: 2936 CC

Engine: Twin-Turbo V8

Torque: 424 lb.ft @ 4500 RPM

Power: 478 bhp @ 7000 RPM


Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Top Speed: 201 MPH/ 323 KM/H

0-60 MPH: 3.67 Seconds


Weight: 2425 lb

Power: 478 bhp

Weight/Power Ratio: 5.073 lb/bhp

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