The Ferrari 308 GTS was the successor to Ferrari's successful Dino 246, designed to be more Powerful with its new V8 Engine. The Quattrovalvole was designed as one of a few replacements for the original 308 GTS, and was also the most rare and powerful by comparison.

In TDU2, its one of the top classic cars which you can use, and boasts good Acceleration, Speed and Braking considering its age. Its recommended for the C3 Championships for its performance in comparison to other usable cars

Class: C3

Acceleration: 55

Speed: 46

Braking: 50

Difficulty: Easy

Top Speed: 158 Mph / 255 Kph

BHP: 242

Transmission: 5-Gear Mechanical

Can be painted, can have Stickers applied, and is not Tuneable.