AC Cobra 427

The AC Cobra 427 is a bonus car in Hawaii area 4

The AC Cobra 427, also known as the Shelby Cobra 427, is a two seater roadster built from 1965 to 1967. The car is built off a British made AC Ace chassis, modified to handle more power and torque. The engine, a Ford 427cu 7.0 L V8, sits in the front of the car. The grille was widened, and lengthened to fit a large intercooler to compensate for the new engine. Even with the heavy engine, the car still only weighs a bit over a ton. It's small size helps keep the weight down. The gearshift is angled forward, to keep the car so short.

When you find all wrecks you can claim it at the Used Car shop. The AC Cobra 427 can challenge car classes like C4, C3, A7 and A6. It cannot be used in any Solar Crown events due to it's class.

Class: C2





Top speed:165mph/266kph


Transmission:4 gear mechanical

Because it´s a bonus car it can´t be sold.